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Tivitz® is a challenging math and strategy game!  
This competition is sponsored by the Hillsborough County Elementary Mathematics Council.
You can learn more about Tivitz® and play online by clicking here!

Ask your teacher for more details!

Congratulations 2011-2012 Tivitz Winners!


                                                        Gorrie Elementary                       Lomax Magnet Elementary                         Chiles Elementary
                                                        1st Place                                         2nd Place                                                              3rd Place

Individual Winners

        Mo Bereday- Gorrie Elementary           Bobby Gough - Gorrie Elementary         Kacey Massena- Summerfield Crossings            Thurshar Mahesh- Lomax
        1st Place                                                  2nd Place                                                   3rd Place                                                               4th Place

                                                        McKitrick Elementary                    Gorrie Elemenetary                              Chiles Elementary
                                                        1st Place                                              2nd Place                                                 3rd Place

Individual Winners

        Jake Castilla- McKitrick Elementary             Varun Ajjarapu- Chiles Elementary               Olivia Fatica- Gorrie Elementary                Ryan Warner- Gorrie Elementary
        1st Place                                                         2nd Place                                                         3rd Place                                                      4th Place

Math Bowl
The Math Bowl was created as a means of engaging students in higher level problem-solving situations. Hillsborough County public school students in grades 2 – 5 are eligible to compete in designated grade level competitions held annually.Teams are comprised of five students (four who compete at a time and one alternate) who must collaborate to solve challenging mathematical problems within a five minute time limit. Questions pertain to geometry, number sense, measurement, algebraic thinking, and data analysis. Students earn points based on how quickly they provide a correct response.

2nd Grade 2011 - 2012 Math Bowl District Winners
                                                                        Tampa Palms Elementary          Claywell Elementary             Clark Elementary
                                                                        1st Place                                           2nd Place                                  3rd Place

3rd Grade 2011 - 2012 Math Bowl District Winners
                                                                                Deer Park Elementary            Pride Elementary                Bevis Elementary
                                                                                1st Place                                       2nd Place                                3rd Place

4th Grade 2010 - 2011 Math Bowl District Winners
                                                                        Symmes Elementary               McKitrick Elementary            Mitchell Elementary
                                                                        1st Place                                       2nd Place                                3rd Place

5th Grade 2010 - 2011 Math Bowl District Winners
                                                               Westchase Elementary            Nelson Elementary               MacFarlane Park Magnet
                                                                1st Place                                               2nd Place                                3rd Place       

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